Pictures say a thousand words….

Bollywood fundraiser: Some real cool people getting a lesson in Indian Dancing to some Punjabi Music

Bollywood fundraiser: Some real cool people getting a lesson in Indian Dancing to some Punjabi Music

An image from my dance during the Bollywood fundraiser.

Bollywood fundraiser: I promised a performance if we raised above a certain amount- which we did and so there was a performance.


Photo 3-09-2014 10 58 31 am

Symbolic gesture: Taking a step into my journey ahead


2 thoughts on “STORY IN PICTURES

  1. Hi, I’m Shiv.
    So I was randomly looking at a map to decide where I could go next, and I came across Kiribati. I had no idea of the place so I did a quick Google Image search and found a picture that aroused my curiosity ( Anyway, long story short, I looked into it and then searched “How long doesn Kiribati have?”, and your blog came up!

    Looked through it, and I’m still wandering about my question, now even more so since you seem to be there as an advisor in urban development. Does the country really have a future without being drowned?

    Thanks, and I hope you’re having a wonder-filled time there! 🙂



    • Shiv, hi

      Good to see people are curious about Kiribati. An interesting choice to stumble upon as a travel choice. Certainly not a place for the faint hearted and perfect for the adventure traveller! I like it here.

      Interesting question- I don’t know how many years but it has certainly been around for many! My presence as a urban planning advisor does raise questions often but the people of Kiribati have many challenges confronting them other than climate change. Inadequate infrastructure, water shortage and unplanned development. There is a lot of work going on in all these areas and my work is a tiny part of this effort. You cannot stop living today from the fear of an uncertain tomorrow. I believe that is the case with more than just Kiribati. So for the time being, efforts are being made to ensure Kiribati remains a place these people are proud of – no matter how long it lasts!

      I hope you do end up visiting- this place has its charms and challenges ofcourse but one thing you can’t get away from here are the smiling faces and that makes being here all the more enjoyable 🙂

      All the best for your travels!



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