I’m back after having been offline for a while :).  Well, let’s say I got busy trying to settle back into civilisation as I knew it!  Things are back on track. India was amazing. More amazing than I can explain. The diversity, love, passion, beauty, culture and different perspectives didn’t cease to dazzle me. I met some amazing people just as I had in Kiribati. Infact, many parallels could be drawn between the two cultures. So far away yet so close.

I am now back in New Zealand. Working. Living. Learning. Trying to find my place again. Has much changed I wonder and to be honest the answer is yes and no and perhaps it’s me who has changed and not the place. Either way, it is yet again another adventure!
My most recent challenges at this point are belly dancing and tennis. My thighs are so achy from participating in both one day after another but the important thing is that I’m back on track health-wise. Last year was tough on the body and the holiday in India was even tougher ha ha ha. An extended period where variety in food was lacking and then an extended holiday where I ate more than I knew was possible. A few kilos up and things didn’t feel quite right! One month back into the routine and I’m back. Wohoo! The scale showed the same number as when I left. Happy! But I’m ranting.

Guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m back. Kiribati has drawn to a close. How do I feel about being back? Well, it’s different alright. The large sky scraping buildings are over-whelming and very interesting at the same time. I can’t help but look up. Certainly enjoying those showers, the watermelons, ah the rockmelons and the strawberries. Miss the people, the excitement, the ‘different’ I think yet at the same time, appreciating the familiar 😀