My dear readers, things have changed a little since we last spoke. I am now in India for a little while for let’s say, a patch up with the world as I knew it before Kiribati happened! Ha ha ha. What better place to start but India :). Having arrived in Delhi 3 days ago, I’m excited and overwhelmed to say the least. I’m attendin a wedding here in Delhi and that alone is quite an experience. There is so much choice with food, clothes, places to go, ways to get there, languages, colours etc etc. Sometimes I feel I could stand still and life around me would just buzz on. You see so much information in a moment that I’m unsure if any of it is retained by my brain at the moment ha ha ha. But what’s not to love! Just like Kiribati, people are what make it worth it here too. Plus the ‘gol-gappe’ (google it!! N if u haven’t tried them, do so). I’ll write more as the days go by! I’m sure there will be much to report. Note to self: must take a picture of me making a choice in a clothing store. I had an entire shop’s stock opened up last evening and got so confused that I needed time out! Ha ha ha. Oh and by the way, shops are open till 10/11 at night almost 7 days which is a whole different experience on its own!

For now, I’ll head back into the haze of this amazing city. Be in touch soon 🙂