3 thoughts on “TIABO MOA KIRIBATI

  1. Hello! My mum gave me a cowrie neckpiece with a woven palm heart at its center, and on the back is written “Kiribati Tiabo” in all caps. It was from one of her thrift store finds, and while investigating on Google, your blog came up as one of the few places which mentioned both words. May I ask, might you know anything about such a piece? It’s history, meaning, origins, etc..? This probably comes WAY out of left field for you, and I apologize for not offering more blog-related commentary, but I’d love to show this unique piece the respect it deserves, by hopefully finding out a bit more about its origins and culture. So as something of a shot in the dark, I figgered it might be worth reaching out to you. 🙂 For all I know it could be a cheap tourist trinket that someone has written on to commemorate their vacation, but I’d rather not make any assumptions before I start wearing it or placing it anywhere in my home.

    Thanks so Much


    • Hi Yl’luria, my apologies for the lateness in reply. For some reason, I did not see your comment come through! apologies. Well, ‘Kiribati Tiabo’ means goodbye Kiribati. I imagine it is probably something given as a gift to a departing loved one. People are very good at craft so it is possible that it was all made by a family member and then gifted! hope that helps 🙂


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