Last saturday, I did my last show in Kiribati! A Bollywood night full of dancers grooving to Indian music. An effort of many months, hours and hours of practices and lots of encouragement! The show came together like a good tiramisu cake I tell ya! Organised quite rapidly with the help of some very dynamic people :). All I had to do was dream and speak to the right people. We managed to get a rather large audience given the tight timeframe and terrible weather!

We truly tested the stage, had a dancer fall off who quickly got back on stage, a couple of dress malfunctions and lots of laughs and giggles from the dancers and audience alike. Good fun and certainly a learning experience and definitely a one of a kind show for Kiribati 🙂

Thank you to those who believed in me and those who made it happen and my lovely daners who made me proud :). Couldn’t have done it without you all!

On the work front, it’s time to implement the exit strategy. Getting mentally geared up to close things off! I will leave with a much deeper understanding and appreciation of Kiribati and its culture, many questions and a fair bit of curiosity but a massive smile on my face 🙂 

On the home stretch now…. Keep you posted on my movements 🙂


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