These last few weeks have made me think about all the amazing people I have met. Some life long bonds, others perhaps temporary but never to be forgotten. This is not exclusive to Kiribati but wherever I have been, I’ve met some very generous and genuine people. Some I may never meet again but the time we’ve shared has been special. Does this happen to you guys aswell? I mean, sometimes we randomly meet people, people who surprise us and with some, we forge an interesting bond that despite the distance, remains and others continue showing up. Certainly consider myself lucky to have experienced that. Why mention all this? Well, like every other place I have lived in, made friends and then said goodbye, I’ve done the same here. Said goodbye to some very special people. Being the transitional sort of place Kiriabti is, people are always coming and going. In the next few weeks, I’ll be saying goodbye to the life I’ve known for a year. Ofcourse I’ll be sad leaving but then also ready for the next challenge, the next chapter in the life of Shifani.


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