Lots of goodbyes, farewell parties and some tears. Happy to have met, happy to be going but the tears don’t see logic 🙂

Quick update:

Days till departure: 2

Packing: not finished

Last day at work: today

Farewells: 7 and still counting

Rain radar: thunder, lighting, heavy rains since sunday, monday flight was cancelled. Fingers crossed!!

Next step: Fiji for 2 weeks!

Update ya later 🙂


Last saturday, I did my last show in Kiribati! A Bollywood night full of dancers grooving to Indian music. An effort of many months, hours and hours of practices and lots of encouragement! The show came together like a good tiramisu cake I tell ya! Organised quite rapidly with the help of some very dynamic people :). All I had to do was dream and speak to the right people. We managed to get a rather large audience given the tight timeframe and terrible weather!

We truly tested the stage, had a dancer fall off who quickly got back on stage, a couple of dress malfunctions and lots of laughs and giggles from the dancers and audience alike. Good fun and certainly a learning experience and definitely a one of a kind show for Kiribati 🙂

Thank you to those who believed in me and those who made it happen and my lovely daners who made me proud :). Couldn’t have done it without you all!

On the work front, it’s time to implement the exit strategy. Getting mentally geared up to close things off! I will leave with a much deeper understanding and appreciation of Kiribati and its culture, many questions and a fair bit of curiosity but a massive smile on my face 🙂 

On the home stretch now…. Keep you posted on my movements 🙂


Quite literally! So like every weeknight, I ran the bollywood class in the ‘maneaba’ (communal area) within the housing complex I stay in. The class starts at 4:45ish and ends at 7:30ish. A few of us danced it off :D. It’s like dancing in a hot yoga studio! After a hard workout, we said our goodbyes and my students drifted home slowly. Three of us remained who live within the complex. As I packed my stuff, it started pouring! Beautiful rain drops falling to the ground as fast as they could. We decided to wait it out and sat in the maneaba and then boom! I had a Shifani moment and ran out into the rain dragging one other who said I was “special” and she normal and only let me drag her out as I’m leaving soon! I should use that card more often :). Ah but the rain shower on my salty skin was divine! Last time I showered in the rain was on an outer island trip or when I’ve been stuck out in the rain but it’s a whole lot more interesting doing that in your own backyard. The neighbours looked out the window and smiled. Priceless :). I like the warmth in the rain here. Couldn’t imagine doing that at home without catching a cold….. Aaaachhhoooo!


These last few weeks have made me think about all the amazing people I have met. Some life long bonds, others perhaps temporary but never to be forgotten. This is not exclusive to Kiribati but wherever I have been, I’ve met some very generous and genuine people. Some I may never meet again but the time we’ve shared has been special. Does this happen to you guys aswell? I mean, sometimes we randomly meet people, people who surprise us and with some, we forge an interesting bond that despite the distance, remains and others continue showing up. Certainly consider myself lucky to have experienced that. Why mention all this? Well, like every other place I have lived in, made friends and then said goodbye, I’ve done the same here. Said goodbye to some very special people. Being the transitional sort of place Kiriabti is, people are always coming and going. In the next few weeks, I’ll be saying goodbye to the life I’ve known for a year. Ofcourse I’ll be sad leaving but then also ready for the next challenge, the next chapter in the life of Shifani.