For those who have followed my journey this far will perhaps like me may not have realised that it has been almost a year and my time in Kiribati is coming to an end.  With less than a month to go, I have begun the wrap up process.

There was one thing I had not ticked off my list which was to host a visitor and that too was fulfilled last week! I had my very first and perhaps the only visitor from NZ which was rather exciting. She left Kiribati with an urge to return :). 

Now let me fill you in on the last 3 weeks of my life. It involved a trip to the tranquil shores of an outer island, a night boat ride, lots of swimming in the clear waters of Kiribati, fishing (actually catching some), a homestay in a village in north Tarawa which involved approximately a 2 hour jouney on foot, buses, truck and a canoe which is a common journey for a good friend of mine (I still think it’s pretty novel) he he he he. Oh oh and work (just to be very clear here) plus dancing (the class as well as an all night dancing away in jandals :-)) 

Ah the other day, I landed in a desperate situation. Ate something not quite right and felt a bit queasy. By the afternoon, my gut knew where this was going so having said a swift goodbye, I got on my bike beginning my homeward journey. Grumble grumble grumble, I ran up the stairs and there- relief! Only when I went to press the magic flush button that I realised the absence of power. Hence no flushing toilet. I let out a nervous laughter and then used a few of the numerous bottles of water we have filled for instances like those. Then it happened again….and again and after my 4th episode, the nice electricity people turned on the power! A sigh of relief, a few clicks of the magic flush button, and life was almost normal (I use the term normal loosely). Too much info?! It hadn’t happened in months so it was almost like a first time experience. Ha ha ha.

Highlight of last week- motorbiking around the outer island through all the villages, the air strip, getting lost, seeing the blues of ocean on one side, the turquise of the lagoon on the other all the while avoiding insect bombs on my face and not loosing my passenger to ‘hi-fiving’ children!

I digress…. Well, it’s wrapping up time and to mentally prepare myself to retun to the ‘before life’. Kiribati has however changed some of me forever and given me some life long bonds! Now time to put on the logical hat and write those to-do lists 🙂

Keep you posted!
Tiabo moa


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