There is something I’ve noticed in the last little while that I feel like sharing with you. It makes me giggle everyday! I know some of you have spent time in the pacific and would be well aware of the ‘Island time’ concept. Well, all day at work we function at Island time. Things get done. Yet at home time, there is this odd increase in energy and work speed which I refer to as the 4pm frenzy. The work transport leaves the premises at 4:15 and most people will be loaded and ready in the bus by about 4pm. My team however always manages to make the bus wait and are often running down the stairs at 4:15. I am usually on my bike so I tend to start packing and getting ready at 4 while the rest of the team picks up work speed and start to look rather busy- quite suddenly. We giggle about it…I tell them every day that I think it’s funny they do that but they are so busy working that sometimes my goodbye goes unheard until I say something silly ofcourse!

Quote of the day: “It’s not urgent till it’s urgent”.


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