Let me tell you a little story. Last to last weekend, what started off as a plan involving three people ended up being an endeavour of 11! One idea just rolled and the group just fell together. It all sarted with an innocent conversation between two people about walking to broken bridge which by the way is really a broken bridge. A walk generally done during the day but I wanted to see the sunset and walk when it’s cooler so we began at 3. The journey started by dividing into cars and picking everyone and then driving to Buota navigating massive potholes. The next leg of the journey involves crossing a channel. I had done this walk a number of times before but for the first time in the evening. This channel can either be walked at low tide or a small morotised canoe runs back and forth for 50cents. On the other side is a ‘resort’ where we ordered food before embarking on our walk. We walked through a narrow strip of villages, coconut trees, volleyball nets, a makeshift soccer field and another couple of shallow channels. Finally arriving at the infamous broken bridge, we all jumped in the water. Relief! Chatting, buzzing around, it was time to leave as we could see the clouds approaching. Our journey back was mostly in the dark and wet but rather enjoyable with a broken sandal here and there, a few near misses with slips (it might have just been me!) and with an an odd feeling of being cold. Eventually we made it to the resort where dinner was served and we ate in a sharing manner after discussing the sharing procedure in quite some detail. Ha ha ha ha.  The last leg of the journey involved crossing the very first cannel in the dark. Lucky we had attentive people in the group and we made it back safe and sound. Some I heard were a bit achy the next day :). I had a dance class to run so being achy was not an option! HE HE HE.


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