Behold my dear readers! Here’s a guest entry from a stranger a few weeks ago but now a really good friend 🙂 enjoy!

#KIDAN Shifani’s blog followers (I know there are a few ;))…

I was instructed to do a guest blog post here and for those who know her well, sometimes you just do what u are told. #aukha

Now first things first, I have never done a blog before! To start with, I thought of going through some of her previous blogs and google some tricks but soon realised it wasn’t going to work. Finally out of spontaneity (Shifani comment: fashionably late as always) I have managed to create me a prefect atmosphere to write…long drive back home (now in Auckland), my choice of music and cruise control (one of those rare occasions where I feel like driving like a normal person (well not so normal after all, if you know what I mean #aukha. (Shifani comment: this dude drives like a maniac in Kiribati) 

So basically, my lead up story is that I spent 5 weeks in Kiribati initially then back to NZ for a break and then went to Kiribati another 4 week stint. Except this time was a lot different, #ghaint different!

Actually a really #ghaint story in its own right is……imagine going to a place that I honestly didn’t even know the name of and then to find a person from the same hometown i was born in!! Quite phenomenal if you ask me!
Therefore I decided to use some #desi words as it reflect the trip. Being able to speak in one’s mother tongue in the middle of nowhere was a spiritual experience all together.


This was too much for me to write in one go (plus I reached my destination 😉 ) therefore, I revisit this on another day! Actually in some ways (cheeky ways) this is reflective of an interval in a Bollywood movie, of which there were a few this time, where the more important content is normally after the halftime. 

Right to begin with, my life in Kiribati is fairly busy with work on weekdays (which by the way for us is Mon to Sat). This was made busier once I jumped on board the Bollybus! Bollybus was the ride of joining shifani and her group of dancers in their preparation for what was supposed to be a single performance at a local charity event but led to invites from a lot more places, including a performance at the Presidential Banquet during the independence week. I got to spend some great time at the dance practices observing, helping teach, brainstorming, checking out the stage, syncing the music etc. I even managed to convince her to include a Punjabi song where I could use some of my expertise to train the boys! Unfortunately, I didnt take the Bollybus ride to the destination to see Shifani and the group perform, but I know it would have been great! Imagine going from a thought, to training and putting a group together and then perform in front of about 300 people all in 3 weeks!

Apart from that, weekend (Sunday) always used to be something to look forward to, as there was always something planned (safe to say not normally by me!). Now with Shifani, you come with a plan and she will make it happen!! 

Some of the things that happened included, fishing trip on local canoe, swimming/snorkelling, frisbee in water, massages, lots of trip to eat out and try new places, coffee trips and believe it or not attending a performance of Hamlet by The Shakespeare Theatre Company of UK (surprizing isn’t it? and I obviously had no clue about it but fortunately knew a person who like always did!), walling (a term invented she uses for chillaxing over a drink on the sea wall, under the moon usually, where people freely join and leave as they go past…).

One highlight was a proper weekend trip to the outer island of Miana. And this time I mean leave on Friday to come back on Sunday…..that’s until you discover on Sunday that the tiny plane is not flying back because of weather and you get stranded on the island, only to return back on Monday.

You have probably already heard the story about the trip and the 9 of us in the lovely group that went!

Now tell me I would be doing all of this in 4 weeks (while still working), before my trip and I would not have believed you. But then again that’s what happens when u know someone this friendly with that energy level and positive attitude about everything! (Might as well get a reference letter from me Shifani…lol) Basically, for me this trip to Kiribati (pronounced kiri-bas) was on a high and therefore we decided to aptly to call this my Kiri-Buzz diary.

I now look forward to going back there next time for more #ghaint times!!

Oh and since there was so much Bollywood influence, I’ll finish with some lines from a song…

Usse jitna dekhu, utna sochi, kya usse main keh du…… (God, I’m cheeky sometimes lol but there was a story behind this song too, maybe for another time )


C u later….alligator!


Glossary of terms:


#kidan – Howdy?

#aukha – One term used to describe a difficult/crazy person or situation! Used in funny way.

#ghaint – Awesome

#desi – A loose term for people, cultures, and products of the Indian subcontinent

#ChangaFer – All good then. Normally used just before c ya.


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