I don’t often bombard you with multiple blog entries in a week but sometimes I find the time to put thoughts on screen so here goes. Last night I went to see Hamlet, played by the Globe to Globe Shakespeare Theatre group who were in town for the day. Random. Yes but incidents like those make the best stories. A diverse bunch of charming, talented actors from London and one based in NZ displayed their ingenuity (Kiribati style) when they announced that none of their costumes or gear had made it on the flight. Remarkable to see the actors mesmerising the audience with just their acting and the occasional (long) eye contact and for one in particular, their accent!!

It was interesting to watch Hamlet in the most obscure of locations surrounded by kids, humidity and the warm air. I hadn’t realised that it was nearly three hours long and that is a statement on its own of quality. Sitting on the concrete steps of the Betio Sports complex listening to the echoing sounds of the actors amongst the rustling of kids trying to entertain themselves and then falling victim to laughter when the actors burst into intense fighting scenes was an experience on its own. After the show ended, we had the privilege of meeting some of the very tired but rather approachable and humble actors. Again, it was quite nice seeing them in a different light and hearing some of the back stage stories.

They’ve travelled half the world performing. Impressive to say the least but most of all, their work was like a breath of fresh air on this side of the world 🙂


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