So last night I made fish curry from our catch on Sunday. Hats down to our ‘fillet-er’ who de-scaled and filleted the fairly small sized fish we caught. It took a couple of hours he claims and the making of my curry only took about 10/15 mins 🙂

Anyhow- the curry was so good that I thought of sharing my super simple recipe.

All you need is Fish, Coconut milk, Turmeric powder, Curry leaves (not necessary but makes it more authentic), Fresh Chilli,  Salt, Onion (chopped length wise), Ginger (paste or fresh), Lime juice (fresh or not).

Marinate the fish in generous amounts of lime juice, turmeric and ginger. Also add some salt and chilli (I just halved the chilies). Leave it aside just for as long as you are prepping the other stuff. In a pan, put a teaspoon of oil and saute the onions and curry leaves for a couple of minutes. Add the fish and coconut milk. Cook till the fish is ready!

SoRrY can’t give you amounts of spices etc as I cook freestyle so just add the stuff and do a taste test. It’s perfect when the flavour dances on your tongue.

Nothing more to it 🙂

Best to use light fish. Nothing heavy like tuna. Be keen to know how it tastes if you try it out. I wouldn’t brag if it wasn’t good and super easy. He he he


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