Nearly three weeks since my last entry and it’s not that I have forgotten to share my experiences, it’s just that I have become very busy since I returned to Kiribati this time. Let me update you a little then. Given that Tarawa is a very transitional place where volunteers, consultants come and go. People you become friends with leave and new ones arrive and the parameters of who you meet and what you do constantly keeps changing. The constant change in a place with very little change is a notion I mention once earlier but in all honestly, life is what you make of it.

So, apart from work, I have been keeping myself highly occupied with a lot of Bollywood dancing. Getting a team together to perform in about 20 days time has been a rewarding challenge to say the least. It’s really ‘bikram Bollywood’ here and is proving be quite a magnet for locals and neighbours alike. Great for muscle toning and getting rid of those muffin tops! I was in desperate need of that after my recent love affairs with Mossies.

The last couple of weekends involved a number of things including lots and lots of dancing, a toga party, a party with the Taiwanese peeps here, 2 local parties, visit onto the US navy ship, fare-welling a friend, a massage, a cup of real coffee (courtesy of a fellow volunteer who has a coffee machine), swimming in a really nice part of the island, amazing fish and rice for lunch, a Bollywood movie, getting locked out of the house, riding my bike through the muddy pot-holes barely managing to stay seated, getting soaked in the rain while riding on my bike, line fishing (I actually caught some), cooking self-caught fish on the bbq, unsuccessful attempts at net fishing, snorkelling, drinking coconut water, riding on the local canoe, an Indian dinner at my place, discovered 5 boys- all amazing dancers rocking to Indian music here in Kiribati, running a random dance class for the staff at the local family planning department (got asked by a fellow volunteer to run a class and it was a success!), waited 4 hours for my transport to show up, whiskey in tea, bears on the balcony, power cuts, watermelons in the market, rain and more rain. All in all, a very busy few weeks. Think I need a day or so to recover. Ha ha ha. Whoever said there isn’t much to do here.

This weekend I am off to an outer island if all goes well. Will wrote more on my return J.


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