It is just after lunch and my body sways to the music being played by the American Army band in the public square as I write this post. I must admit, it is rather pleasant listening to the jazzy, drummy, dreamy tones echoing in the area. My head slowly rocks up and down, side to side, and my fingers seem to be typing in musical sync. Ha ha ha. My legs too seem to be performing an involuntary tremour. All in all, an enjoyable musical afternoon. They are good!! All the staff at my office minus me and one other are at the square and every now and then, I hear a loud cheer and the sound of a few hundred claps.

Oh another note, I went to the graduation ceremony of the University of South Pacific after work yesterday. It had been 5 years since the last one was held here and oh the excitement! The graduates, the families and the likes of me were all excited. Marching in their best dresses, brown gowns and flaunting the graduate hat and surrounded by the extended family paparazzi, they proudly entered the ‘Manneaba’ where the ceremony was held. It was a special one as the president of Kiribati was also awarded an honourary Phd. In amongst the flashing of a few cameras, the sweating graduates walked down the isle to get their degrees and walked back with the biggest grins! I certainly went back in time to when I graduated. Ah those dream filled eyes! They are a bunch of very lucky and determined individuals who dare to dream even when circumstances look bleak. Hats off to them all! I hope their futures are brighter than they anticipate.

The day before that, I was heading back home after work with ‘Chuckle-Berry Finn’. He by the way is my motorbike. A perfect evening it was. Full moon, the white and grey of the clouds and the pinks and reds of the setting sun lit the sky in a way I’d never seen before. It was so beautiful in the backdrop of the darkening, turquoise blue lagoon that I had to pull over and just take it all in. As I rode back, the large white moon among the greying clouds moved against the different foregrounds of the dusty road, then the local houses and coconut trees and then it was above the crashing weaves on the reef (well, I moved in a different direction but you know what I mean ;] ). Rather spectacular, making for a very spectacular ride home.

I have been told to shorten my entries for the sake of my readers. ha ha ha. So, write more later :). Until then, I’ll continue swaying to the rhythms that penetrate my work space at the moment!


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