Hi my dear readers, yet again I’ve let time slip by. Infact I am experiencing what you might call a writer’s block. You know the feeling when you have so much to say but nothing comes out. Well, that’s what it feels like. I’m fighting (quite literally) this mental block and putting words on paper (what I mean is word processor). So I’ve recovered from ‘chicken-lickin-fever’ and am back in Tarawa. It is amazing what a difference it can make when you’re feeling better. I’m managing to eat well and exercise. Granted I am still getting through the cheese and salami I brought with me from New Zealand and the goodies my friend Tash brough to Fiji. It is also amazing how spending time with people close to you can charge you up for the challenges ahead. I’m feeling quite charged up and ready for the work ahead of me. Disappointingly though, our favourite lunch spot has dropped in quality. Rather upsetting. It is a wee eating place with tarps under a big tree. The plastic chairs and tables, dogs, the chilli in vinegar and 3 dollars for some tasty fish with rice made for a comfortable lunch in the past. The ambiance is still the same but the food….well, it’s not the same. I’m told that they chef has been replaced!!!

Yesterday, we had a king tide. There was no wind and it was about 2.9 m. The island is not much higher than that. Life’s on an edge (literally). There was flooding on the road and some houses were taking in water making for a rather interesting trip back home with giggles and lots of ‘ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch’ sounds echoing in the bus.

On a positive note, yesterday was an exceptionally good day at work. It was quite something when I saw my team using a technique I’ve been exercising! I couldn’t help but smile on the inside J. My way of working involves a lot of visual planning so I use the white board all the time with my team. So while I was busy reading material on building capacity, I noticed them discussing something and then one of them got up and jotted down time frames, due dates and tasks on the top right corner of the board. Success! I thought.

I guess I didn’t have a writer’s block after-all. Perhaps life has just become less surprising compared to the first few months. It’s interesting that you do get used to a certain way of life rather quickly. Things that would seem absurd when I first arrived are just a way of life now.

Jumping ahead to technology- I’ve got myself a local simcard. Two in-fact, a 2 G and a 3 G. The story is that you cannot text from a 2G to a 3G and vice-versa. Turns out I can receive texts but cannot respond. My 2G does not seem to work well at home as I live in a black-spot. It’s rather complicated as you can see :). The internet at home (yes, we finally got it!) works if I am out in the balcony somewhat hanging off it. It too is complicated J. I’m assured it will be fixed soon. In short, my apologies to those of you I have not really been in touch with (you know who you are). You’re always in my thoughts though 🙂 and the intention has always been there. It’s the thought that counts right? It’s so easy to lose track of time here. For example, I only just realised that it’s Friday today and the fact that I am simply ranting! Ha ha ha.