First week back at work and things have been somewhat the same as I had left them. Doesn’t feel like I ever left to be honest and that is a rather intriguing feeling. Last night some of us got together for pizza and to see what we could find in amongst the items left behind by parting volunteers. The most prized items- insect repellent! Ha ha. Also good to see that things you accumulate get used. The night involved pizza and Tiramisu! It’s amazing how creative one can be when there is a lack of resources.

Yesterday we also witnessed a high tide that brought water onto ‘the road’ and into the houses along the shore. The weaves were strong and high and this morning on my way to work, I noticed the partly damaged seawall unable to withstand the forces of nature, rubbish on the shore swept in by the tide and the potholes on the road as the tide swept away the sand used to fill them. The ride to work was a bumpy one but as usual full of giggles as we passed these sites. Oh I nearly forgot, there hasn’t been any power at work since this morning which makes for a rather quiet day as it is pay day which usually involves loud music being played outside stores and public spaces. Lucky for me, last few days have been cloudy and breezy making it a tad cooler than usual but my lips are swollen from the heat rash regardless. Ha ha ha.

Oh and did I mention rats?? So I have a bit of a situation in my apartment. Rats ate through most my stuff while I was gone. They shat and peed all over my clothes! Can’t say I have any experience dealing with these little things but I can hear movement in my roof and around the house at night. I made the mistake of leave a pack of lollies on the table over-night. It’s anyone’s guess what happened to the pack and the lollies in it. I wouldn’t be surprised if the little bugger gets a sore tummy from all the sugar!!! Or maybe that’s why I could hear it running around in the roof. Hopefully his hyperactivity will tire him out and he’ll sleep through the day. I think I might have to employ the cats that hang around our apartments :).

Hahaha… sorry… the thought made me giggle. So when I returned from New Zealand, I accidentally brought my parent’s charging wire for their Iphone. I thought it was mine but I forgot that I’d left mine in Kiribati. Anyhow, lucky I did because the other day while my phone was being charged, I smelt something foul. Not sure why but I went for my phone and noticed the slot that goes into the phone melting away and turning brown! So I grabbed it and pulled it out and it burnt my finger leaving me a small blister. The wire no longer work so just as well that I accidentally grabbed theirs. Oh and this happened despite the fact that I use a surge protector! To add to that, I heard sparks when I tried charging my laptop at work yesterday….I froze for a few seconds thinking it’s gone! Lucky me! Ha ha ha


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