Dear reader, I apologise for the delay in writing. My time home was healing and I am now well and back at work. What an experience though! A rare disease added to my list he he he. Chicken-likin fever as some of my friends like to call it. Let me assure you- it had nothing to do with chickens or liking them :). Now, I can’t go without thanking you guys for looking after the sick one! Blessed to have such amazing friends.

Back to the heat now but this time around it feels ok (only one day in though). Perhaps I came knowing what to expect and so it all seems ok. I also received my first care package which was waiting for me on arrival and it was rather exciting to open. Thanks Jen!

To no surprise of mine, there aren’t many veggies around but I managed to find some cherry tomatoes, eggplant and peppers. Success!!

It’s interesting being back. Some volunteers have left, others have arrived. Even though time is slow here, transition is pretty fast. There are many changes in a place where seemingly change is slow.

People however are as lovely as I left them. On another positive note, I have better access to the net which makes being in touch easier :).



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