Hello my dear reader! It’s been a while since my last post and I do apologise for that but I hope you noticed the photos :). There has been a bit of a pause in my Kiribati venture. I got ill early in the month and was sent home to recover. A mossie decided to feast on my blood and got me sick. The good news is that I’ve been at home recovering, well, sleeping most of the time and being fed by my lovely mom. My dad took me out for my first walk in weeks yesterday and my awesome little (not so little now) brother has been keeping me company in my moments of boredom and low energy. They’re happy to have me here while I recover and the relief is visible on their faces.

I’m starting to feel better and hope to be back amongst the smiling munchkins, heat and the hustle bustle of the Planning office in Kiribati soon!

Don’t think I have ever slept as much as I have in the last few weeks! I didn’t think one was capable of sleeping that many hours but my parents keep telling me- “your body needs it!”. I can’t help but notice the softness of my muscles, the slight bulge of my tummy, the sag in my arms and the missing tan lines on my toes! My mum chuckles every time I complain.

Kiribati has already had quite an impact on me. I don’t think I was ever such a relaxed person but that’s the ‘Kirbati effect’. Even being sick was not a stressful experience thanks to the awesome insurance guys and VSA. They really did look after me :). Someone from the medical team (through the insurance people) would call me often to check up on my progress. They are some funny people I tell you and sometimes all you need is a bit of laughter when things are gloomy. I remember laughing really hard in one particular conversation where my case manager kept getting my phone number wrong… i had tears in my eyes and plenty of oxygen in my brain while I was laying in bed with a high fever. Giggles.

Unfortunately I missed all the xmas celebrations in Kiribati….hopefully there will be many more to come!

So my dear reader, I wish you and your families a merry Christmas and a very happy new year ahead.


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