Well, an ordinary day in Kiribati is one full of odd things taking place. An odd day is one when everything goes smoothly :). So let me tell you the story of my 24 hours starting last morning. I arrived at work at my usual time of 8 after having been off with a cold in the earlier part of the week. There was an on-site meeting at 10 I was meant to attend but at 10, we could not find anyone to drive us. I was then advised of a manual ute that was available but no one to drive us so I offered enthusiastically :). Well, my feet didn’t quite reach the clutch, the break or the accelerator. Some kiwi ingenuity kicked in and i wore my backpack to cushion myself, popped the seatbelt on and rode around town with pride! The feeling was comparable to being on a roller coaster and not puking ha ha ha. Shifani 1, speed-bumps 0!

The evening was rather odd…I mean, nothing went wrong. He he he. This morning however, we awoke to no power which also means no water apart from what we store in bottles. This is when those baby wipes come in handy. Thanks Tash!! Oh I forgot to mention that it was raining this whole time too. So getting drizzled on, I waited for my work transport which was a bit late but made it eventually.

On arrival, I walked towards the front door without much thought and boom, we couldn’t open it. Apparently the wind had blown this board in front of the door which was blocking it. We tried and tried but no luck… A little while later, a colleague with key to the other door arrived. We opened it ceremoniously only to realise there were 2 other doors and the second door opened into the same area where the board had fallen. Miraculously, we made it up to my office this morning without any further issues.

As we were preparing for a workshop in the afternoon, I was advised that there was a problem with our transport and that we may not be able to arrange pick up for the presenter. Puzzled I asked why. Well apparently, there is a fuel shortage on the island.

Now- beat that for an ordinary day 😀


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