A little while back I had my first night club experience in Kiribati. After an evening of celebrations in respect of volunteers leaving the island, some of us ended up at a bar and then decided to move on to a night club (I think it’s one of two maybe three- yet to find out). I was feeling rather tired so I gave in and indulged in a fizzy, sugary drink which was much needed for what followed. This ‘club’ is situated within the complex of a hotel and the dance-floor is rather large with an outdoor area. I spent a while just watching people dance away enjoying themselves to the max. Most of them, quite drunk. It took a while for my ‘engine’ to start up but then the beats of the music lured me to the floor and so began a night of dancing till the wee hours of the morning. The best part of the whole night though was dancing in my jandals. Of all nights out, this was the best largely because I was wearing genie pants, a singlet and jandals with my hair tied up in a comfortable bun. It didn’t matter what you wore or what you looked like. There was no need for heels with some even dancing barefoot. Some of the local peeps would come to us every now and then for a dance and it was all pretty decent I must say. I could jump, waltz, salsa, belly dance, even do bhangra and no one would care. It was just a no pressure night. No need to top up that lip gloss or pull down that tight skirt or reapply that band-aid on aching toes and heels. Clubs elsewhere could learn from this :p

The music was a mixture of Kiribati, English and some somewhere in the middle. Locals come up to you for a dance and majority were very decent encounters. None of that sleezy stuff you experience elsewhere but ofcourse you practice the same precautions as you would anywhere else. We went in a group and looked out for one another. Looking around the dance floor I noticed how much fun everyone was having in just being themselves (a little intoxicated and a lot for some but largely being themselves) and just celebrating that day, not tomorrow or the day after, just today.

An issue most of the time here is transport for those of us who don’t have cars or bike (i.e. me). Lucky for us we had hire cars that night and usually people are nice enough to help out. There is usually always someone going in ‘your direction’ as there really only are two. He he.

We decided to leave at around 4am even though the party was to continue.  Giggling we divided people into the two cars according to the direction they were heading in. I was so sweaty that a shower was deemed necessary. As the cold water fell on me, I could taste the salt from my sweat. My feet practically black now needed a good scrub. It was 5.30 am by the time my eyes fell into the lap of oblivion and for a while forgot where I lay.



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