My flatmate and I have been utilising our skill in cooking. I’ve focused on Indian food, cottage cheese making, yoghurt and salads from what little we can find. She is a great baker so we always have bread! Most nights will be a bit of a scramble of things we can source. A vegetable or two mixed with canned beans and some olives and cheese courtesy of home visits and care packages. We have chocolate in our fridge too some of which I brought with me but we keep it wrapped up in a bag behind all the nuts we brought from home to ensure difficult access. Lol. We drink a lot of water which goes without saying. Every night we’ll boil water and in the morning we’ll tip in a portable water container (one I brought from home- from the Kathmandu store) which is rather handy. Our cold water supply continually needs topping up but all water has to be boiled before drinking. I’ll make yoghurt every other day with powdered milk and some freeze dried culture I brought from home. Sometimes it works, other times it’s good enough for smoothies but nothing goes to waste. Someone will and I quote “give it a home”.


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