As I was reading my blog, it occurred to me that I haven’t blabbed on about things yet. So much happens on a daily basis that a story can be made of anything. Take for example our weekly exercise routine. Most days are too hot to do a workout let alone a rigorous one. My muscles have turned into flab already and my skin the colour of cocoa powder (in exposed places) with heat rash and coral cuts in some places. Clothing here is modest so knee length bottoms and covered shoulders at work but singlets and shorts at home so tan lines are quite prominent. So, back to the exercise. Five/six of the girls (all volunteers) get together everyway Wednesday (sometimes varies depending on what’s on) get together and do an exercise routine off a DVD. This can involve yoga, pilates, boxercise, Zumba, well we’ll try anything that’ll get our bodies moving and minds sane Ha ha. I can manage to skip rope in my living room area (sometimes ;p).


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