A very humbling experience being here especially seeing what they do with such little. We have it all and we still aren’t satisfied. Certainly changing my perspective being here. So i went to the bank to pick up my bank card a few days ago and waited in line for about 20 minutes. Got to the counter and the lady said “oh u have to go see that lady over there”. So i stood in the ‘right’ line for about 40 mins and that lady after looking through 15 or so papers said “sorry your card was supposed to be here but card processing is delayed. Leave me your number and i will call when it is here”. Kind of disappointed, i walked back to the office and told my colleague who laughed out loud Lol. She would never call he said. That just doesn’t happen in kiribati. Lol. So i will repeated the process next day (one less line this time as i knew where to go. Ha ha ha). I could either get super annoyed at this or just have a laugh which is what i did. The one good thing is that there is no bribery. These hiccups are just a way of life and people simply wait. They don’t rip you off (nit that i’ve come to know). They are humble people. Happy people. That is something we could all learn from them.

P.s. I did get my card- infact, she called! This was a true surprise for everyone i had mentioned it to. So odd things do happen here 😀


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