I feel as though this post needs to be dedicated to my daily routine here in Kiribati. So I wake up around 6:15AM most days! Some of you will gasp at this I know haha. I often wake up quite sweaty from the heat of the sun shining through my window. Sleeping past about 7 is kind of hard. So my day begins…. A hot cup of tea to wake me up followed by filling up of drink bottles with cold water to take to work (usually 2 litres of water). This is followed by a quick cold shower with a citronella bodywash to keep the mossies away. This is followed by the slapping on of a little bit of sunscreen and then insect repellent. Once dressed, it’s then breakfast time… Wheatbix in home made yogurt/milk. Have to have a full tummy- people here don’t snack so the next time I’ll eat will be at lunch (probably good for my teeth to not snack :)). Then it’s time for vitamin supplements and roll-on deo and teeth cleaning! By this time, I’m running a tad late so I chuck on the same pair of jandals as every other day and walk to ‘the road’ to wait for my work bus which arrives depending on the condition of the road but gets there :D. Lunch is usually at 12.30 and I often have panfried fish and rice/chips… This place also serves the only cheese burgers on the island! Lucky I was never a fan but not having access to that food does make them smell appetizing!!

It’s home time just after 4:15PM which is about a half hour ride in the work bus with some interesting mix of music (mostly local but sometimes english and even Indian!!!!), a driver who has a very distinct laughter that every time he laughs, it brightens up my day no matter how hot and sweaty I’m feeling or how dusty my eyes are. This happens a lot… I’ll be walking down the street feeling all hot and unbearably sweaty and then i’ll see a kid smiling at me standing barefoot in the sun, playing with a toy made with a stick and a tyre and all that discomfort washes away.


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