I have the green light and with less than a week to go, it’s time to get serious! Packing has become a top priority as of today. Help anyone??? Embarking on mission packing, I truly underestimated the amount of planning and organisation it was going to take. The toughest part is making a list of everything and dividing them my checked-in luggage and in the luggage being shipped. Tough job admittedly.

I am certain I will forget something vital amongst all these items that have called my parent’s lounge home for the last week or so. I am however assured by my dad that it’ll all be fine đŸ™‚

On another note, I weighed myself today and a whopping 55 kilos showed up on the scales. On a normal day, I would fret about it and increase the intensity of my exercise(s) ( ‘s’ in brackets because my fitness regimes are ever changing as some of you have come to know). This time however, I am rather proud of myself. That plan was to gain about 6/7 kilos prior to departure and I’m almost there :).


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