One week to go and my visa has not arrived but I’m very aware of the uncertainty that surrounds me. The people at VSA are lovely and are facing the same uncertain situation as me so I know I am not alone in this! It is rather amusing because the journey in a way has already started so this is part and parcel of the assignment before me.

I was going to post a photo of all the things that are scattered around my parents place but then I thought I would rather tell you the story 😀

Imagine- two clothing racks full of my washing, one box and a blue suitcase left open in my parent’s room, the room I am staying in (my old room) now has a double bed and there is no space to walk around it and the little corridor in between the three bedrooms and the bathroom houses yet another blue suitcase (I am pleasantly surprised no one has tripped over or asked me to move it) and the garage- well, I don’t actually know what’s in there but everything that I brought over from my move from Christchurch is piled there. Don’t even get me started on the shoes. You see, my foot never grew since was 12. Well, neither did I really and so most things still fit. The point is that I have a lot of shoes. Ha ha ha

So I’ve really just been placing things around the house and no one has asked me not to! My theory is- if I ask nicely, they’d let me do it anyway so I just do it.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that despite the uncertainty all around, I seem to be holding up quite well. It’s almost as if this is training for what lies ahead!


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