After an amazing week long roadtrip and having made some amazing memories on the way, I am now in Auckland. 18 more days to go and yes, I am gettig anxious- but I was always told by VSA that things are uncertain until I am on that plane!

So over the last little while, I have been feeling quite blessed knowing that the world is full of nice people and I seem to be meeting them all :). People I have met are genuine, generous, caring, loving, risk takers, altruistic, interesting, mysterious, deep and each time I think back to my time with them, it gives me strength and a reason to smile.

Keeping that thought in mind, I’ve come up with a coping mechanism for when I am in Kiribati. I will dedicate a week to a person mknown to me and draw on their strengths and look at things from their perspective. Not sure if it will work but it certainly will be an interesting social experiment :). Any thoughts??




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