My last email at work:

Hi guys,

Thank you very much for making me feel special this morning! I wasn’t expecting that! Ha ha.

As most of you (hopefully) know – I’m off to a remote island and all those thoughtful things you got me will be very handy! The toolkit, mossie net, scooper, insect repellent, ear plugs – all on my shopping list 😉

A year isn’t a long time but I feel like I’m part of the furniture here at Agency. So thank you for making me feel so comfortable and for taking me under your wing when I didn’t know what I was doing or when the day wasn’t going quite right. And thank you for helping me broaden my horizons and for changing my perspective on working with ‘very experienced people’ (no ageist comment intended. Lol). I am going to miss you guys… honestly!

I’ve learnt a lot from you over this year and feel like I have grown and matured in my time here (again – no ageist comment indeded ;p). It has been great getting to you a lot of you in the lunch room, at the cultural experience dinners (thanks for making the effort!) and simply out and about in the office. The best part of working has been the people 😀

I came to work with a big smile most mornings (afternoons as some of you might say. giggles). I will miss the connections I’ve made with many of you, the smart comments I often got, the advice, the laughter and the genuineness that’s so natural to you all. So I hope I’ll see you again one day while I’m floating around or just incase you decide to visit me in Kiribati! Ha ha

Keep a lookout on my blog for updates on my Kiribati adventure and feel free to add me on LinkedIn or Facebook :D. I’ll be happy to hear from you!

See you at drinkies tonight 🙂

Shifani or Shifty as some of you like to call me ;D







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